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The aim of Help4Mood is to develop a system that will help people with major depression recover in their own home. The Help4Mood system is designed to be used together with other forms of therapy, such as self-help, counselling, or medication. Help4Mood has three main components:

  • a personal monitoring system that keeps track of important aspects of behaviour such as sleep or activity levels
  • an interactive virtual agent who asks patients about their health and well-being, provides a portal to trusted health information, and feeds back information collected through monitoring and questionnaires.
  • a decision support system that tailors each session with the virtual agent  to the individual needs of the person with depression and that supports clinicians in interpreting the data collected through the virtual agent and the personal monitoring system

This website describes a new project to manage depression but it is not designed to provide personal advice for mental health problems.  If you need advice about depression or anxiety you should contact your doctor or nurse.
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